Health Center

Our medical centre has the possibility and it is fully equipped in order to provide the best possible primary medical services.


Concerning the emergency cases, the indicated facilities exist in order to deal with the necessary demands of every case. We offer fully organized section that can deal with minor surgery and other injuries such as orthopedic cases.

Also we are in position to cope with every pathological case, having the possibility of oxygen support, i.v treatment in terms of urgent, simple blood and urine tests, vaccinations, ear cleaning, sea urchins extractions, etc. we cover all the age groups and we are experienced in pediatric cases in the majority of which we are taking care from the beginning to end fully and efficiently.

All the above are managed from our medical and paramedical staff in the basis of primary care medicine. In case it is considered necessary there is further cover from specialized doctors for each case who are external partners of ours or with the admission to private clinic or public hospital always after the suggestion of the treating doctor.


Hotel Visits

Our services also cover patients out of our facilities in case they are not in position to visit our offices in a time basis of 24/7. Upon request with the secretary department or in the emergency phones during the night, our doctors are in position to make hotel visits or give the proper medical advices for the emergency cases.


Patients also have the possibility of being transferred to a private or public hospital both of which we have a fruitful cooperation with.

In cases that there is a need for physiotherapeutic methods we have cooperation with a physiotherapy center, which effectively assists in therapy and rehabilitation of our patients.

In addition concerning the orthopedic cases we can offer the possibility of renting or being offered wheel chairs, crutches or other orthopedic equipment either from us or for medical stores we are dealing with.


Finally our cooperation with diagnostic centers offers the possibility of making blood or other examinations beyond the simple tests we conduct in our facilities, in order to have a full and detailed image of the situation where ever is necessary in order to give the best possible therapy.


We Speak :


Administration department is open during the whole day from 9.00 till 00.00, assisting patients in all the issues that concern the total procedure, from booking the appointment to dealing with the insurance companies.


Helps the patients in matters of contacting with their insurance companies, hotels or travel agencies whenever is necessary.

Medical Record

Keeps medical record and can run into it at any time in order to issue all the proper documentation that will help the patient to deal with their insurances or even help them to have a safe flight back home (medical reports, invoices, fit to fly forms etc)