Διάγνωση & Θεραπεία

You can speak with one of our medical experts about your medical issue to take a possible solution. He will advise you how to proceed with your case. If necessary you will be advised for further actions.

Video Calling

Direct video contact between a medical expert and the patient, wherever you are.

What do you need?
It is simple, you just need a mobile phone, tablet or computer that allows video calling. Remember to make sure your microphone and camera are switched on.
How does it work?

Contact us and make an appointment. You don’t need to download or register for video consultation. We send you an invitation by email or text message. With one click on the appearing link, you take place in our digital waiting room and at the agreed time of consultation the doctor starts the WeSeeDo video consult.

Is the connection safe?

Safety and privacy is our number 1 priority during the video consultation. Rma Polyclinic uses the WeSeeDo system to communicate with the patient.

The WeSeeDo software organization complies with the European GDPR requirements and is ISO27001 & NEN7510 certified.

How to prepare for the video call

Before your video call, make sure you’re in a relative quiet, private, and well-lit location so you can freely speak to the doctor.

What you can expect during your video call

During the video call, the doctor will ask you to describe symptoms. Tell the doctor as accurate as possible your complaints and health condition.

In preparation for your video call it is advisable to have the following information at hand:

  • The names of any medicine you use,
  • Your medical history in relation to the medical condition you’re in,
  • Write down any questions you may have before starting the video call. This assures that you do not forget any important questions.


Διάρκεια : 15′

Cost : 25