Many times unwillingly we are victims of injuries, burns or bites. The only advice given is to be cautious, however when something like this happens and before we ask for medical help we must follow some directions in order to avoid further infections.

A. Open Traumas
Very good cleaning with normal condition, antisepsis, coverage with sterile gauze or in need with clean cloth and direct visit to the doctor

B. Burns
If it’s sunburn, our first move is to leave the sun and go to a shady place. And in the case of sunburn or other, friction or hot surface we must immediately drop cold water and then in a clean towel to put ice and apply it on the burn until we visit the doctor. Never put ice on the wound. In any case, avoid the placement of non-pharmaceutical materials on the burn, such as often widespread, tomato paste toothpaste and more.

C. Bites – Burns – Bangs
In case of pinching, remove the stinger as soon as possible, always place a pad of ice in a clean towel. If we are allergic, we follow our doctor’s instructions and visit the local doctor. If we do not know that we are allergic and we notice symptoms locally (itching, swelling, pain, irritation) or systematic (dizziness, shortness of breath, swelling), then we immediately visit the nearest hospital or hospital.
There are many kinds of insect sting, small animals. Bites should follow the same guidelines as dealing with open wounds. We should not be worried about cases of rabies and sickness as these phenomena have disappeared from our country for 10 years.